Horror for the Holidays 2023 Prospectus

I am still in the process of developing stock for sale — I’m more of an artist applied to special effects and props for haunts, stage, and film, transitioning into a form that I can sell instead. This show would be my first table to sell wares.

Who is Edwin Wise? I am an artist working in a wide range of media, for a wide range of purposes. To show my qualifications, let me give you a couple of (very old) portfolio links:
EdwinWiseOne Portfolio
EdwinWiseArt Portfolio

What will these items cost? My cost range will be in the area of $10 for coasters, $15 for cups, $20-$25 for shirts (depending if they are heat transfers or hand-painted), and $50 to $300 for the masks (with custom lifecast ones on the top end of the scale).

This page will describe the specific types of products I intend to sell, crossed with the types of patterns I will apply to them.

Product Types:

Pattern types:

Note again that I can also make custom decorative (or functional) masks, either from blank masks with custom designs, or from lifecasts or 3D scans, to duplicate in varying levels of detail the model’s own face

Pictures of some of the products (sadly, coasters are not represented, but a couple of tiles are here with marble patterns)

Pictures of some patterns